Colorism: Spectrum of Internal Bias (2019)

"Colorism: The Spectrum of Internalized Bias analyzes the phenomenon of appearance-based discrimination among members of the same identity group. Interrogating this topic through contemporary media including photography, installation, animation, video and performance art, this ambitious exhibition will include a wide range of programming including the opening reception, panel discussion, a film screening, as well as closing reception and catalog release.

Influenced by ongoing research on the impact of colorism on individuals and the larger society, curator D.E. Stenvoll-Wells explores how colorism pervades globally and prevents the unity required to combat white supremacy. Colorism: The Spectrum of Internalized Bias aims to unpack the internalized consequences of racial constructs, and questions the very basis of modern-day racial categorization. Featuring powerful multimedia work by local and international artists, this show opens the door to more productive dialogue among families and communities, acting as an educational tool for combating intra-racial prejudice." - Root Division Gallery