Beaded Projects

This is a selection of McDaniel's work that utilize glass seed beads as a means to reconnect with her ancestors and heritage. 

"Genizaros honors the strength, resilience, and labor of my great great grandmother Felipita who was forced to sacrifice and assimilate. She was born Southern Ute kidnapped by Comanche around 1878 and given/ sold to a white family to be their servant. She eventually was freed and married my great great grandfather Jose Espinoza- an indigenous Mexican servant who was from San Luis, Colorado." 

"As an assimilated indigenous, latinx woman of color I long to reconnect with my lost heritage. ​Rapprochement​ is an imaginative form of intergenerational communication that I envision for the future. I envision my grandmother emerging from the wall in front of me- she emerges not in the body she once had but within one made from materials that evoke who she was. Through this experience she can communicate with me from beyond this realm and share her stories."

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